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The Divine Web Service Framework

A divine collection of awesome web-related Node.js modules


Out of the box, local files and web resources are supported, plus several database protocols. Use the built-in username/password and bearer token  authentication schemes, or provide your own.


Effortlessly read and write any common formats, including CSV, HTML, JSON, TOML, YAML, XML and MIME multi-part messages.


With database drivers for H2/JDBC, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL/CockroachDB, SQLite and SQL Server, persistence should not be a problem. Injection-safe queries, transactiton deadlock handling and CRUD row operations for less pain and more gain.


Build advanced REST and streaming Web APIs with automatic content negotiation, ETag/precondition handling (coming soon).


Parse and generate common HTTP headers, such as authorization and content headers. This module also works in the browser!


Read, write, modify, query or watch anything that can be referenced by an URL or URI, including local files, Web Services and SQL databases.


A framework for building REST and RPC Web Services, with support for event streams.


A powerful, E4X-like approach to HTML and XML documents, using JSX/TSX or tagged template literals.